Here’s the Gear You Need For Running Outside During COVID-19

During the pandemic, many people have started running outside as gyms and studios closed. Even now that these businesses are starting to reopen, people are continuing to exercise outside as it’s easier to maintain social distancing. If you’re running outside, here’s the gear you need to stay safe during the coronavirus.

Hydration Gear

Staying hydrated is important especially during the summer months when the temperatures are rising. Because public water fountains have been shut off, you need to make sure to carry a water bottle with you.

Waist Pack or Storage Belt

When you go for a run there are things you need to bring with you like your phone and keys. During the pandemic, you should also carry face masks, toilet paper, and hand sanatizers, which can all be kept in waist belts storage belts.

Face Mask or Neck Gaiter

Although it’s not required when running, you should wear a face mask or neck gaiter when you’re running in places where it’s not possible to maintain social distancing. Neck gaiters are more breathable than face masks and they can be pulled around your neck or worn as a headband when you’re running on your own.

Running-Friendly Headphones

Whether you’re running on the treadmill or outside, it’s more fun when you can listen to music or a podcast. When running outside, keep the volume lower, so you can hear people and traffic.