Fun and Colorful Makeup Ideas from Revlon’s Instagram

Revlon has been one of the most popular beauty brands on the market for several decades, and they’re doing a great job embracing the latest trends in the makeup world. Here are some fun and colorful ideas from their Instagram page you should try right away.

Floating Eyeliner

This daring trend has been around for some time now, and it obviously isn’t going anywhere. Graphic and floating eyeliner looks are just getting more elaborate and colorful as time goes by, and Revlon is here for it.

Face Mask Match

Now that half of our face is covered by mask at all time, the eyes are usually doing most of the talking. Many makeup lovers are starting to create eye makeup looks that perfectly match the color of their face mask.

Lower Lid Makeup

Most people only put makeup on their upper lid, but lower lid eyeshadow is making a huge comeback this year. If you still haven’t fallen in love with this trend, this flawless look will inspire you to give it a shot.