Have You Heard About Avocado Milk?

There are so many non-dairy types of milk on the market that it’s not easy to be surprised with a new version, yet we were confused about avocado milk for a second. How does that work, exactly? Our first thought was that avocado milk is a beverage made by blending avocados, but it’s not as simple as that.

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If you’ve noticed avocado milk on the shelves and wanted to try it, you probably want to know what it is first. Avocado milk is made from oat milk and freeze-dried avocados. This recipe results in a creamy, bright green drink full of vitamins and nutrients found in avocado.

The company that makes Avocado milk purchases the imperfect avocados that can’t be sold in grocery stores, thus reducing food waste. The brand claims that they are paying 20% more than the market rate in order to benefit the farmers because these imperfect fruits typically cost less because they aren’t pretty enough to be sold for full price.

The brand does other things in order to stay environmentally responsible. They are planting over 100 new avocado trees each year and use rainwater on the farms. This means that you can try this delicious novelty drink and not feel bad about any aspect of it.