Your Plants Need to Be Prepared for the Cold Weather

Photo by Andrew Keymaster on Unsplash

Despite being indoor plants, houseplants still feel seasonal changes. The good news is that you can help them adapt and overcome the problems they may suffer due to weather change. Here’s how to prepare your houseplants for fall.

Bring Them In

Before the temperatures get low, you need to bring your balcony plants inside. The nights are already getting cold and that can affect them. Before bringing them in, check for insects and clear the soil of dead leaves.

Shower Them

Gather the plants in the bathroom and give them a gentle shower. This will clean any accumulated dust from the leaves and salt from the soil. Make sure your plants get enough time to drain before you put them back on their trays.

Trim Them

Early fall is the perfect time to trim the houseplants. You’ll need a pair of sharp scissors to remove the dying leaves and tips. For the leaves, it’s good to cut them at the base or near the stem. For tips that have started going brown or yellow, simply cut off the unhealthy part and leave the plant to recover.