Great International Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

Miguel Herrán, Mina El Hammani, and Itzan Escamilla in "Élite"

Most people stick to watching TV shows in English because foreign ones require too much focus, but now’s a better time than ever to give them a shot. Here’s a couple of amazing international sים’ד from all around the world that are worth your time.


Set in a small German town, this sci-fi drama follows the aftermath of the disappearance of two young children, which turns out to only be the latest chapter in a generations-long mystery.

Money Heist

This Spanish heist drama centers on the journey of a group of fictional robbers, who pulled off one of the most elaborate heists the world has ever seen and took home €2.4 billion.


Elite is another addictive Spanish show you can find on Netflix, and it follows the adventures of students at the exclusive private school Las Encinas.

My Brilliant Friend

This Italian coming-of-age series can airs on HBO, and it’s the perfect show to check out if you’re looking for a period drama with strong female leads.