Decorate Your Home With Easter Trees: The Latest Instagram Trend

During your afternoon strolls, have you noticed Christmas trees in people’s windows? We’ve been seeing people use their evergreens for almost every holiday and occasion and Easter trees are the newest thing. They’re inspired by Easter egg tree centerpieces and #EasterTrees already has over 37,000 posts.

To get in on the trend, all you need to do is find your artificial tree and decorate it with pastel ornaments, colorful eggs, faux carrots, bunny ears, and ribbons. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve pulled some of our favorite Easter trees from Instagram.


People have been hanging lights to spread festive cheer during this tough coronavirus times, so why not add some to your Easter tree? You probably have them leftover from Christmas anyway. Finish the tree off with some ribbon and eggs and you’re good to go!

Easter Bunny

Can you count how many Easter bunnies are on this tree? Neither can we, but we love the simplicity of it. Add some faux carrots, ducks, and pinecones to take it to the next level.


The explosion of color is almost blinding but in the best possible way. How can you not be happy waking up to this amazing tree?


If you loved the floral Christmas tree trend last year, this tree is made for you. Head on over to your local craft or dollar store and get all the faux peonies, roses, lilies, and sunflowers you can find. Make sure you top the tree with an Easter bunny.