Great DIY Projects to Upcycle an Old Suitcase

Have an old suitcase that is pretty much useless now but you still don’t want to throw it into the trash because it brings back all those great memories? Check out these fun and awesome DIY projects that’ll help you breathe new life into your suitcase.


Use your old suitcase to create a charming cabinet for storing beauty products, travel souvenirs and all those precious things you care about.

Cat Bed

Does your furry pet need a new bed for his long naps? A vintage suitcase can easily be turned into a comfortable small bed for cats, simply by putting a nice fluffy pillow and a few extra details in it. Your cat will love it!


You can easily turn your old suitcase into a nice and useful coffee table just by adding a few table legs and a few more details.


You’ll need more than just one suitcase for this DIY project but once you find them, you can make an adorable nightstand that will give your bedroom a special vintage vibe.


This project is definitely more complicated and you’ll probably need professional help. But this DIY suitcase chair looks perfect for those who like spending hours reading and drinking coffee.