Go Gluten-Free with Nicole Cogan

With more than 195k followers on Instagram, Nicole Cogan has established herself as the gluten-free guru. Her online platform, titled aptly NOBREAD, is a guide to the best gluten-free dishes around the world, delicious recipes, and Cogan’s favorite wellness tips and tricks.

According to Cogan, her brand came to be after discovering a gluten allergy in 2009 and, later, being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She therefor took it upon herself to change the way restaurants catered to customers with gluten allergies and other dietary restrictions by outlining their gluten-free options and accommodations.


But what began as a passion project out of personal convenience quickly turned into a full-time career. Based in Los Angeles, Cogan’s platform has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, Tasting Table, and several other publications. Now also a TV host, Cogan’s current hosting responsibilities include CBS’s This is LA, and appearances on The Dr. Oz Show and NBC’s New York Live.

“There is a greater purpose to NOBREAD,” writes Cogan on her website. “It is a message I hope to really start emphasizing going forward. YOU CAN STILL LIVE A HEALTHY, HAPPY (and gluten-free life) while having FUN. Let loose and eat those crispy gluten-free French fries when you are out (in moderation), and at your next meal, stick with something home-cooked and simply prepared.”

Clearly, Cogan’s motto of “just because your life has to be affected, doesn’t mean your lifestyle has to be,” resonates with her many (many!) followers.