German Illustrator is Transforming Face Masks Into Tiny Works of Art

Most people discard their face masks after wearing them for a single time, but not Steffen Kraft. He found a way to give his old face coverings a new life by transforming them into amazing works of art.

The German artist started creating illustrations inspired by life in the time of corona as a way to cope with the current situation. He describes himself as an eco-friendly designer and his latest series of illustrations was sparked out of concern for the environment.

“To do art with face masks is my way to convert a strange and scary thing into something interesting and entertaining. In some illustrations, I’m focusing on the waste problem of wearing single-use masks. They are laying on the ground like leaves in autumn,” Kraft told Bored Panda.

In addition to using old face masks as a canvas, he’s integrating them in many of his traditional illustrations. Despite his popularity on Instagram, Kraft is hoping each of his illustrations related to the pandemic is going to be his last and that he’ll soon be able to go back to exploring other topics that concern him.