French Designer Creates Magical Gowns

Sylvie Facon is a French dressmaker who creates dresses that would make any girl lucky enough to wear them, feel like a princess from a fairytale.

Facon uses the same techniques as any other designer to create her gowns, but instead of using ordinary fabrics, she opts for more original materials like book spines or musical instruments. Some of her most beautiful dresses are named Tribute to Violin, Tribute to Books, and Tribute to the Time.

The designer gets her inspiration from history and everyday objects and she creates her dresses from start to finish.

“I build the corset bases with illusion tulles. It thus makes a molding of the body by adapting itself completely to each morphology. My objective is to highlight my clients’ assets that could be physical, but also their personality, and so make them even more beautiful,” said Facon.

What makes her creations original is her attention to detail. Facon personally handcrafts and paints her dresses; she often spends days, even weeks, making sure the dresses fit her clients perfectly.

“It’s like a dream, with timeless dresses worn by ideal women and each have a different personality.”

Check out Facon’s creations that will leave you speechless.