Four Things to Try in Berlin Besides Beer!

Photo by Stefan Widua on Unsplash

Berlin is an awesome city to visit. From the architecture to the happening arts and music scene, the city has so much to offer. In terms of food, some of the best and most unique dishes and drinks are found here. If you visit, here is a must-eat list for your stay.

Club Mate

This drink can be found all over Germany and is definitely worth a try. It is a carbonated caffeinated drink that tastes almost like a cross between kombucha and iced tea. Club Mate is a fun way to shake up your mornings or afternoon drowsiness in Berlin.


This sausage dish can be found on every street in the city. The reason for the name comes from the curry powder that is used in it, along with ketchup and Worstechire sauce.


Berlin’s version of pasta is spaetzle, a noodle dish that is normally smothered in cheese. It is so delicious and rich, perfect for traveling vegetarians.


Schnitzel is one of most well known German dishes because it is so delicious! A thin slice of veal is breaded and fried to perfection, a combination no one can resist. Many restaurants will also do it with other cuts of meat and even vegetarian options.