Instagram’s juicily unique lemon nails

Image via sanctuaryspatradition/Instagram

Lemon nails have been one of the more surprising trends on Instagram this summer. While some Instagrammers have opted for going yellow, others have taken the lemon trend further and glued tiny plastic lemons to their nails.

Here are five examples of the lemon trend that we think got it right.

‘Patterned’ Lemon Look

These patterned nails combine the lemons with a pale blue which scream ‘summer’.

‘The Real’ Lemon Look

There is nothing subtle about these nails. Rather than incorporating a slice here or there, these nails look juicily realistic and we can’t help but rate them.

‘Subtle’ Lemon Look

Not everyone loves to go bold. These nails are on trend but are far subtler than the previous fashionable nails.

‘Solo’ Lemon Look

These nails have not fully embraced the lemon look but have kept the look to one arty nail. We’re digging it though.

‘Glitzy’ Lemon Look

These fruity nails are fabulous and incorporate different textures and patterns to create a unique take on the summer trend.