Find Out The Secret Behind Liv Tyler’s Glowing Skin

For quite some time, we’ve been wondering what’s the secret behind Liv Tyler’s beautiful and glowing skin – and now we finally have the answer. The actress talked about her skincare routine in a new video for Vogue and she revealed that skincare is her secret passion.

“I think I would’ve become a facialist if I didn’t start acting,” the actress claims.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, because Tyler looks as young as when we’ve seen her in movie Armageddon. What did surprise us is that the actress has a pretty intense beauty regime, that consist of 25 steps – that sounds like a lot!

First of all, Tyler swears that the most important part of her skincare routine is exfoliating. “Okay, so to me, the secret to beautiful skin is exfoliation and keeping all the dead skin cells, sort of, buffed off your skin.”

Once she’s done with this, the actress moves on to other basic steps like using a hydrating mask, face oils, and patches for under-eye puffiness.

Other things that Tyler mentioned, that are crucial for having healthy skin, is using natural makeup whenever you can and drinking plenty of fluids.

“Water is a huge important factor in having good skin. I know everybody says that, but sleep and water maybe are the most important things.”

She also showed us her favorite drink – a green juice that she makes herself using celery, cucumber, a little apple, and spinach or kale. Apparently, it’s very healthy and great for your skin!

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