Bring Some Warmth Into Your Home by Making Tiny Décor Changes

Despite the fact it’s getting colder outside, when it comes to the colors that surround us – fall is certainly the warmest season. There’s something extremely comforting about orange tones and here’s how you can welcome them into your home without making a huge change.

New Artwork

Painting your walls to match the new season would be too extreme, but what about simply putting some new artwork up? Just find a couple of fall-inspired paintings you like and switch them with ones you already have framed.

Curtain Swap

Curtains are extremely easy to replace, but you can make a huge change by doing so because they take up a significant amount of space. If buying orange ones seems like too much, you can always decorate the ones you have with leaves, tiny pumpkins, or other fall-inspired ornaments.


There’s no need to replace your furniture to get your home into a great shape for fall. Just replace your pillowcases and throws with ones in warmer colors, and your living room will feel nice and cozy in no time.