“Euphoria” is the Modern Day Version of “Skins”

Euphoria is making waves over social media with Zendaya’s chilling role as Rue – a troubled teen. The show is a spinoff of the original show Euphoria, which was made in Israel. The story is an empowering one with a relatable teen character’s coming-of-age story in highschool.

Euphoria was a huge success because almost millennial could identify with at least one character in the story. If you’re looking for a new show to binge-watch – check out Euphoria. Did we mention that the soundtrack is also extremely catchy?


High School Flashback

The story of Rue’s life also involves the cool girls at her school. For many people, high school involved having that one clique of girls that always stood out from the sea of students. Their laughter, quirks, and bright hair would echo through the school hallways. Euphoria can resonate with any teenager going through high school and it can even bring us back to our fond (and sometimes not so fond) memories.

Soundtrack to Your Life

Do you know those kinds of songs that you wish played at precise moments in your life? Euphoria does just that – they hit a chord in every person’s heart with their perfectly timed songs for every occasion. This show is sure to make you cry, laugh, and throw your hands in the air for the best possible reasons.

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