Different Wedding Cakes For Your Unique Celebration

If you’re planning a wedding but have a hard time escaping from all the trends you see everywhere and you want your wedding party to be unique, there are some things you can do.

For example, we bet you didn’t think that a wedding cake doesn’t have to be a traditional, tall layer cake. You can surprise your guests with something entirely different, and below are just a few suggestions; you can totally come up with your own idea for a personalized wedding cake!

Single Layer Cake

Minimal and elegant, single layer cakes are becoming a popular wedding cake choice. You can have a “main” cake for the two of you and other cakes and desserts for guests.



If you have a favorite dessert that’s not a cake, with a little creativity you can turn it into a wedding centerpiece! How about a stack of pancakes or a tower of muffins?

Letter-Shaped Cake

You can order a cake that spells your initials and you can get it decorated with flowers for emphasizing the romantic occasion.

Donut Cake

This particular cake is our favorite – it has a small cake on top and plenty of donuts for the donut-loving bride and groom.