Talale’s Gorgeous Wooden Jewelry Collection

Tal is the creator of Talale’s Jewelry; a Tel Aviv based wooden jewelry shop in the heart of Neve Tzedek that boasts some of the best timeless wooden pieces.

Tal collects the wood pieces from wooden shops and makes sure that all the materials are locally sourced. She upcycles the wood to create pieces that look stylish and that display a connection to nature.

Maple Hoops

One of the types of wood she uses is maple. First, she collects the wood – which at first sight is a richer color with dark tones than the finished product. After stripping away the first layer and polishing it – a smooth wooden texture is unraveled. Each piece is carefully crafted with care and great attention to detail.

Pearl Ornaments

Occasionally, her pieces will contain precious gemstones and even pearls collected from local shops. The main theme of her shop is rooted in the earth and she makes use of its natural elements and textures. Her accessories pair nicely with almost any outfit.