Essential Skincare Changes You Need to Make This Winter

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

Changing your products for each season is important if you want a healthy, glowing complexion. These winter skincare tips will save you from dry, dull skin.

Different Cleanser

The fact that it is winter means that you have to be much gentler with your skin. Swap your cleanser with a product that is very gentle but does the job at the same time. Avoid harsh ingredients and opt for a cleansing cream.


So many ladies forget about applying SPF during winter. Although there might be no sun outside, you should still protect your skin from UV rays. You can stick to SPF15, which is more than enough for this season.

Rich Moisturizer

Another winter skin care tip is that you need to find a richer moisturizer and use it more often. This doesn’t only apply to the skin on your face, but the entire body and hands as well.

Exfoliate Differently

If you love using scrubs, this is the time of the year when you need to switch to another product. Chemical exfoliants are the way to go during winter days. Mechanical exfoliation can dry out the skin too much and strip it of its natural oils.