Don’t Make These Mistakes With Dried Beans!

Image via kitchenstories_official/Instagram

Buying dried beans is beneficial in so many different ways: it’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly,  and healthier than buying beans in a can. However, they can be temperamental if not handled in the correct fashion.  Although you forgo the convenience of canned beans, once you discover how simple cooking dried beans can be, you’ll never go back to your old ways.


You absolutely must soak any sort of beans before you cook them! There is a method called quick soaking in which you boil the beans and let them sit for an hour, but if you want to be on the safe side, soak your beans overnight. This process expands the beans and makes them more digestible and ensures you’ll cook them to soft perfection.


Some beans like chickpeas can have a bit of salt added to them while they cook, while others like black beans will be ruined if you add salt too soon. However, by the end stages of cooking, you must add seasoning or your beans will be very disappointing. Read your recipe thoroughly so you don’t end up with dry, flavorless beans.


Make sure when you cook your beans you give them enough room to spread out! Use a large pot so the beans can cook evenly.