Reuse Jars For DIY Gifts

Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash

After a while, everybody builds up a collection of glass jars. Although they make great vases and are useful around the house, there comes a point where you run out of ideas on how to use them. Instead of throwing them away, keep them and use them as vessels for homemade gifts! Save your money and your time looking for containers and use your old jars instead.

Brownie Mix

Especially for the friend who doesn’t do a lot of baking, an individual jar of homemade brownie mix is perfect! Layer the ingredients according to the recipe of your choice, attach a notecard with instructions, and you’re done!

Browniet hyppäs purkkiin;)) #tonttuhommii #browniesinajar #christmas #sweet

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Spice Blend

There are certain dishes that call for spice blends unusual to some kitchens. Instead of making your friends go out and buy spices you know they’ll only use once, make them yourself at home! You can make combinations like garam masala, cajun spice, or taco seasoning. Wrap a bow around the jar and you have a useful and thoughtful gift.

Infused Alcohol

A fun gift for your bartender friends is a jar of infused liquor! Simply pour in the alcohol of your choice and whatever flavor you want, such as mango in tequila, and it’ll be an absolute hit.