Doing Your Makeup When You Have to Wear a Face Mask

Photo by Denis Jung on Unsplash

All around the world, people are learning to live in a new reality. Having to wear a face mask wherever you go is inconvenient, but it’s necessary if you want to stay safe and healthy. Here’s how to do your makeup when you have to put a face mask over it.

Prime Face With Moisturizer

Wearing a face mask for hours every day can leave your skin irritated. Prevent this by applying a moisturizer every time before you begin doing your makeup.

Light Foundation

A light BB cream with SPF is an excellent choice. However, if you need a bit more coverage, pick a long-wear foundation that’s non-comedogenic. Add concealer only where needed, like under the eyes. 

Setting Powder

Using a setting powder will prevent your makeup to transfer to the face mask. You can use a loose or pressed powder; your current favorite will do just fine.

Play With Eye Makeup

It’s time to get all those eyeshadow palettes from the drawer and play around with eye makeup. Your eyes are the center of attention now so make them look their best with shadows, liner, and mascara. Don’t forget the brows, too, as they can completely change the way your face looks.