Do You Already Have This Succulent With Transparent Leaves?

Image by S Molteno via Wikipedia

No plant lover’s collection is complete without at least several cute little succulents. Succulents are typically easy to care for and look beautiful, which is why they’ve been a hit among young people interested in plants in recent years. There’s one variety that’s particularly beautiful and we keep seeing it on social media lately. It’s called Haworthia cooperi and its leaves are transparent!

This is a rare type of succulent that’s native to South Africa. It grows in clusters and has soft leaves with transparent tops. It’s just as easy to take care of like most other succulents. The only thing you need to remember is to not over-water it.

Haworthia cooperi comes in several varieties that you can get on Amazon, Etsy, or Home Depot. One Etsy seller of the truncata variety of the plant recommends placing it away from the sun for a few weeks as a way to get it to absorb more light.

We fell in love with this unusual plant and hope you share our feelings! If you do, make sure to get one as an amazing natural decor piece for your home.