Brow Lamination is the Latest Beauty Trend We Love

Thick brows have been around for some time and the world has completely forgotten what it was like when everybody plucked their eyebrows until they were left with a single thin line. We definitely like the recent trends more and have seen several different sub-trends emerge from the thick brow trend. The latest one is called brow lamination. If you still haven’t heard of it, here’s what it’s all about.

Brow lamination first appeared in Moscow. It involves a semi-permanent chemical formula that includes acids and keratin. The formula is applied to the brows using a comb to help them achieve the desired shape. The result lasts for six to eight weeks and it’s pain-free. A patch-test is needed before the first procedure in case of an allergic reaction.

A 40-minute session gets you lasting results that will give you perfect eyebrows for weeks. The treatment is perfect for all types of eyebrows, including thick and dark brows and thin ones that need to be filled out with a pencil daily.

You can absolutely do this at home using one of many Eyebrow Lamination kits available online. Just make sure you’re following the directions closely and don’t forget to do a patch test before the first use!