DIY Fashion Forward Slide Sandals!

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Slip-on slide sandals are back in fashion now. From Givenchy to Gucci, everyone has their interpretation of this classic sporty sandal. If you are looking to get this look but not drop a ton of dough, make it yourself at home! This is such an easy DIY project to achieve, and you can make it completely customizable. Follow the tips below and make yourself something useful and pretty.


This DIY project doesn’t require any fancy tools, just a hot glue gun! For the materials, you can choose whatever fabric or appliques you want on your shoe.


  1. Use an old pair of slides or buy a cheap pair.
  2. Cut either one piece of fabric to cover the whole top or multiple strips depending on what type of design you want.
  3. Clean the top so the glue sticks well.
  4. Put the glue all over the first spot you’ll be working with, and then place the fabric over it and press down.
  5. Add any accents like pom poms, ribbons, or jewels with the hot glue gun.
  6. Once you’ve covered the whole shoes, you can spray it with some waterproofing spray if you plan to wear them at the pool or beach.