DIY Decor Trends to Spice Up Any Space in Your Home

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

After staying at home for so long, we’re all looking for DIY projects that we can spend time doing, and also make a change to the space we spend so much time in. Here are as few ideas:


Macrame is everywhere lately, and while we see fancy intricate tapestries in stores, sis you know that it’s a fairly easy process to learn at home? Especially if you grew up making friendship bracelets. Once you get the hang of it there are almost endless options in how you purpose your macrame art; from wall hangings to plant holders.

Faux Ceramic Paint

This is a quick and easy upcycle you can do with supplies you most likely already have at home. Mix acrylic paint with baking powder until you get a chalk consistency and then paint on to any vase, jar, or bowl you want to have a ceramic look.

Keepsake Gallery Wall

We all have a drawer of postcards, knick-knacks, and art we don’t know what to do with. Take it all out and organize it into a statement gallery wall that captures your memories.