Why Geocaching is the Perfect Socially Distanced Adventure

Photo by Martin Lostak on Unsplash

Geocaching has been popular since electronic GPS was first released. Basically, geocaching is like a treasure hunt where you look for geocaches—small containers of tiny trinkets, scattered around the globe. Great hiding spots include urban and rural environments with some of the most popular hiding spots being along hiking trails. This makes it the perfect social distancing activity, as you can search for geocaches in nature, on your own or with your family.


Finding a Geocache

Before you set out on your socially distanced adventure, you will need to head over to websites like Geocaching.com. The website has geocaches that are logged around the world. The interactive map will show you which ones are close to your current location. 

Grab Your GPS

Once you’ve chosen a geocache to hunt for, you need a mobile app that you can input the coordinates into. The best part about geocaching is that it is often located in low traffic areas, with very few people. It’s easy to social distance, and follow the GPS while you search for the geocache.


Geocaching Etiquette

There is some geocaching etiquette you should know about. When you find a geocache, you can take an item, but you have to leave something small in return. This is because the next person should take something small, and leave something as well. That keeps the content of the geocache fresh. Sometimes there is a disposable camera inside the geocache, because the person who hid it likes to see who found the cache. Happy geocaching!