How to Stay Healthy at Home During Quarantine

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

With the Coronavirus pandemic keeping people at home more often than not, it’s important to stay active and healthy so that you don’t go stir crazy. Lucky for you, we have some great ideas on how to keep yourselves occupied and at the top of your game!

Cook a Meal from Scratch

The ease of microwavable meals or ordering out is alluring, but they are certainly not the healthiest of options. A nutritionist will tell you that staying in shape is only 20% exercise and 80% diet. Take the time to buy ingredients and cook a meal. It is overall much cheaper, way healthier, and the satisfaction of preparing something for yourself makes it that much tastier.

Go for a Walk

Exercising doesn’t have to involve a gym or lifting weights. Walking during the day is a great way to sweat and get your heart rate up a little bit. Being inside more often than not these days, it is important to get some sunlight. It provides Vitamin D, which is what makes your bones strong and healthy. After a meal, go for a 10-minute walk before sitting back down. This aids digestion and will help keep you alert for the rest of the day.

Find Online Workouts

In the age of the Internet, everything is available on Youtube. From yoga classes to cardio workouts to weightlifting, there are follow-along workouts available on the internet. Find a workout that you like or a video that motivates you and follow along from home to stay in shape. Even 20 minutes a day will do wonders for your sanity.