Cover Your Feed In Floral Patterns with Ploy

With spring behind us and summer almost over with, these past months have been far from normal. But while we can’t really enjoy the benefits of sunshine, there’s no stopping us from filling our Instagram feed with summer inspiration.

With flowers, and floral patterns in particular, very much on-trend, we couldn’t have come across illustrator Ploypisut Chueobchoey at a better time. Known by her moniker, Ploy, Chueobchoey employs watercolor, gouache, and ink to create bright illustrations that feature mainly flowers.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Ploy was born and raised in a Thai-Chinese family, with both cultures playing a significant role in her artistic upbringing. Inspired by wall paintings in Chinese temples, as well as Thai textiles, Ploy took to drawing at a young age.

“During my childhood, I was surrounded by Chinese and Thai decorations,” she recalled in an interview with Lake. “My grandpa used a Chinese ceramic bowl and teapot, and my grandma wore a Thai motif textile cloth. I thought I absorbed a lot from my childhood environment. My parents always encouraged me to continue my creative path.”

Fill your feed with floral patterns: