Cloud Nails Are the Dreamiest Summer Trend

Summer nails are usually all about bright colors and outrageous prints, but there are exceptions to this rule. Cloud print nails are the perfect example, and they’re as dreamy and whimsical as can be.

The name of this nail art trend pretty much explains what it’s all about. These nails feature miniature clouds drawn over the sky-blue base, but also come in many different colors.

If you try to search for cloud nails on Instagram, you’ll mostly stumble upon blue and pink nails. Blue is the most obvious choice, while pink has a whimsical, fairy tale quality, and it’s not difficult to see why people mostly opt for these two shades.

As cloud nails become more popular, we’re expecting to see more creative variations of this trend. They’re already being combined with other prints, including fruits and butterflies, and decorated with bling and glitter, so it will be pretty fun to watch them evolve over time.