How to Brush Different Types of Hair

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Brushing your hair is a straightforward task that you probably don’t overthink, but the truth is that different hair types require different brushing techniques. Depending on your hair length, texture, and thickness, here’s the best way to brush it.

Fine, Straight Hair

Find a gentle brush that won’t break your fine hair. Brushes with soft and flexible bristles are the best. Use them on dry hair, never when it’s wet because that will break it more.

Thick, Curly Hair

Girls with curly hair know how difficult detangling can be. The best tip for them is to avoid combs and use a brush instead. The brushing process should start with wet hair and a leave-in conditioner applied with hands, while using fingers to detangle hair. Brush gently while still wet and leave to dry.

Wavy Hair

Natural wavy hair can be very delicate, but it’s very important to brush it out and untangle regularly. Use hair oils and leave-in creams that you like and slowly brush with a wet brush or pick comb.