Cleaning Tips to Make Your Old Things Look as Good as New

Photo by Ross Sokolovski on Unsplash

While it’s completely normal for things to lose that “new stuff” feeling over time, that doesn’t mean you have to discard them and go shopping for more. You can easily refresh your old jewelry, leather bag, furniture, and even electronics with our simple tips. Read on to learn how.

Mayo for Wooden Surfaces

It may sound weird, but mayo is great for removing white circles from your wooden furniture. It also removes the residue left from stickers.

Mustard for Copper

While we’re by the fridge, take some mustard and use it to clean copper dishes, jewelry, or anything else you own.

Baby Powder for Screen Scratches

If you make a paste from baby powder and some water and use it with a soft cloth on your phone screen or any other screen, all the little scratches should disappear.

Hairspray for Makeup Stains

Stained your clothes with makeup? Apply some hairspray to the critical spot, rub it and wash as usual.