Look For These Jewels During Your Travels

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Jewelry can be a very special and symbolic gift to someone or even to yourself. When you go traveling, buying a piece of jewelry along the way is a fun way to have a souvenir of the trip with something that is made of high-quality normally local materials. If you find yourself in any of these places around the world, consider picking up something and get your money’s worth.


Mallorca is one of the Baeleric islands off the coast of Spain. This island is famous for many things, one being their pearl jewelry.


If you are doing a road trip in the US, take a turn by New Mexico and Arizona. Both of these states are both famous for their exquisite uses of turquoise in jewelry and accessories, with influences coming from the Native Americans who use the stone in their jewelry.


You may not think of India when you think diamonds, but you should! Specifically, Mumbai, India is one of the best places to buy diamonds because it is one of the biggest hubs for diamond cutting. This means that prices of diamonds are much lower than around the world, and you are getting it closer to the source.