Can You Still Get a Cold in the Summer?

When you hear about someone having a cold, there’s a certain time of year that’s associated with it. But, did you know you can still get a cold during the summer even though it’s hot outside? Though it seems like a strange thing to think about, it’s completely true.

The virus that causes is a cold is called the rhinovirus, and it doesn’t just show up during the winter months! Though there are reasons why it can be more common to catch a cold during the winter, there’s still a high chance you can catch a cold during the summer.

The difficult thing about getting a cold in the summer is that it’s hard to tell whether you have a cold or just allergies, but there are some signs.

If you have a cold, you’ll have thicker, greener mucous, and you’ll definitely be coughing more than if you have allergies. Also, allergies are very consistent and last longer than a cold, so if you’re feeling good and then bad and then good again for only a week or two, that’s a cold not allergies.

The only real difference in terms of getting better is that you can always take allergy medicines and can control them more easily than a cold, but once you know the difference, you can take action.