Buy The Right Reusable Bottle For You!

Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash

Plastic is something to be avoided at all times, especially when it comes in single-use items like cutlery and water bottles. Not only is it better for the environment to use reusable water bottles, it also saves you money by not having to purchase water everywhere you go. Especially for the summer, you really need to have a water bottle with you all the time. Here are some different types of water bottles that will make your body and the environment healthier!

Vacuum Insulated

If you’re looking for a bottle to keep your liquids super cold or nice and warm for multiple hours, this is the water bottle for you. It uses two chambers to do so, which makes it a bit heavier.

Stainless Steel

This is a most cost-effective option to vacuum insulated bottles. You can’t put hot liquid in it and your cold liquids won’t stay cold for long, but it is BPA free!


If you are doing a lot of sports, especially cycling, using a plastic water bottle is probably best since you can access it with only one hand. Be sure to get a BPA free bottle though, as BPA can negatively affect your body.