Bob Haircut is More Than Just a Trend

Photo by Dmitriy Ilkevich on Unsplash

Short hair, don’t care.

Bob haircut is on the lists of top hairstyles season after season, and by now it’s obvious that it’s actually a classic and not just a trend. Many celebrities and fashion legends have worn it – from Coco Chanel and Anna Wintour to Jennifer Aniston and, most recently, Selena Gomez. What’s so special about the bob?

On some level, having short hair is a sign that a woman is ready to stand up against “traditional” beauty standard that often implies having long hair. In the 1920s and the ’30s, short hair became one of the symbols of female liberation.

The fact that bob is one of the most popular hairstyles today means that our society has come a long way. Do you like short hairstyles? Which one is your favorite?