Benefit Appoints First Supermodel with Down’s Syndrome as Ambassador

Kate Grant has been named ambassador for Benefit cosmetics and will be leading the way for other aspiring models living with down’s syndrome.

Benefit announced the news on Instagram with a gorgeous picture of Kate using the beauty brand’s liquid eyeliner. The caption accompanying the photo reads: “Just wingin’ it! We are OBSESSED with the gorgeous @kategrantmodel.”

Kate’s proud mother, Deirdre Grant said: “She has a great drive to be a supermodel. I love her optimism and as her mum I would always be there to support her in that optimism. When you are young you think the sky is the limit and with Kate she does not have the understanding that we have that there are obstacles in the way.”

She continued: “She does not allow obstacles to be in the way or her disability to stand in the way. She would say ‘Down’s Syndrome does not define me – I am Kate.'”

We can all learn something from Kate’s optimism and refusal to let obstacles hold her back.

“She is paving the way for people coming behind her,” declares her mom.