Spending Too Much? Try Giving Yourself a Shopping Ban

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

It may sound harsh at first, but if you’re struggling with finances or simply want to save more and spend less on unimportant things, perhaps a shopping ban is just what you need.


You can try it for a month or, if you feel especially overwhelmed with stuff, go for a full year immediately. Those who have tried it claim that it has helped them switch focus from consumerism and material things to people around them and experiences. Chances are you have enough stuff to go through a year-long shopping ban already, but you may want to take inventory of everything you have first and see where you stand.

Of course, you can modify the shopping ban and make it fit your personal needs. If you have too many clothes, make it “no clothes shopping” for a desired amount of time. The same goes for makeup, gadgets, and many other categories. You can give yourself exceptions and decide what you’re allowed to buy – for example, replacements, underwear, stuff you use up fast.

With regular budgeting, it can get difficult to simply spend less. Once you make one impulse purchase you’re more likely to make another one, and then another one… Shopping ban prevents this and makes you realize how many stuff you already own and can use.