A Look Inside Kat Von D’s Style Book

Kat Von D is a unique beauty who radiates creativity and confidence. A look at the burlesque star’s Instagram gives us all the secrets we need to imitate her fabulous look.

Black Bangs

Kat Von D has been dying her hair black before we even knew what hair dye was. She is currently rocking a blunt bob with even blunter bangs.


Black Is The New Black

Kat Von D almost always wears black. It’s her signature color and if Kat Von D is your style inspiration, you’ve probably embraced black too.


Gothic Details

Kat Von D is a fan of all things gothic. She often completes an outfit with a touch of darkness, like these stunning spider web heels.

Major Heels

When it comes to high heels, Kat Von D has one rule: the bigger, the better. But please, don’t buy heels you can’t walk in.


Winged Eyeliner

No one’s winged eyeliner is as flawless as Kat Von D’s. It’s her signature beauty look and if you’re looking to Kat Von D for makeup inspo, the eyeliner is the place to start.


Creative Makeup

In addition to her flawless winged eyeliner, Kat Von D is known for her distinct face tattoo and her creative attitude to makeup. Go crazy and experiment.