5 Tips For Fighting Chapped Lips

Photo by Henry Gillis on Unsplash

There’s whole bunch of reasons why January is the worst, but the one that I hear a lot of people complaining about at the moment is chapped lips. It’s uncomfortable and it’s hard to feel sexy when your lips are dryer than your mouth after a night of heavy drinking.

Luckily, help is at hand. Here are 5 tips for warding off chapped lips in the coldest months.

Stay hydrated

It can never be said enough. When it gets cold, our lips need even more hydration than they did in the summer. Lips have a weak barrier to cold air so drink up that H2O.

Wear sun-screen

Sun-screen might be the furthest thing from your mind but even though it looks grey and dreary, there’s still UV rays shining through. Putting SPF on your lips will prevent the much unwanted extra drying factor on your lips.

Stop licking your lips

As tempting as it is, licking your lips will only dry them out more. The saliva washes the natural grease from the lips causing them to get even more chapped.

Use the right lipbalm

If you’re applying tonnes of lip balm every day but are still finding your lips feel dry, check the ingredients on your balm. Some people are sensitive to certain ingredients like bees wax so switching up your balm might be the solution.

Take your vitamins

Did you know that B2 is essential for healthy lips? B2 is found in egg and lean meat. If you’re vegan, taking the right supplements can help improve cell function.