5 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Health & Fitness Motivation

If you’re trying to get fitter and/or healthier in 2019, then good for you. Sometimes though, motivation can be hard to find and being bombarded with photos of so-called “perfect” looking women on Instagram who make you feel bad about yourself is definitely not the way to find it.

Here are 5 Instagram accounts which are encouraging, supportive and celebrate the healthy body, if you are looking for a little extra inspiration.


Jessica Sepel is a holistic nutrition expert and she is all about making your insides feel great too. She shares recipes for all your favourite treats but using healthier ingredients. She’s creative, light-hearted and not preachy.



Valerie Sagun is a yoga pro and proves that you can love your body and improve your fitness whatever your size. Her account is all about body positivity and how to master those pesky yoga poses that require a little more balance than we are comfortable with.


Sarah’s Instagram account is so satisfyingly colorful, it’s difficult not to smile. Whoever said healthy food needs to be boring has definitely not followed @thedelicious on Instagram.


Carly Rowena has no excuses when it comes to lifting. In fact, she even shared fitness tips and videos while several months pregnant. Now that’s inspiring.

Amanda Bisk

Sometimes it’s just nice to see someone in great shape holding a yoga pose on a beautiful beach. We’ll be copying her from our one-bedroom flat with no central heating, but it’s fun to fantasise.