5 Reasons to Use Feng Shui Crystals in Your Home

Feng shui crystals are so popular right now for an array of reasons. If you aren’t still convinced why you should use them at home, you have to check out these benefits.

Positive Energy

Just like the whole point of feng shui and the use of crystals, this benefit is a given. Rose quartz stones are the ones you need if you want extra happy energy in your home. A lot of people use this way of bringing positive vibes to their houses.

Protect the Home

Add a few hematites right next to your front door for extra protection. All types of black stones are also amazing in protecting your house according to feng shui.

Absorb Negativity

You can do this by placing a black stone very close to your entry door. This type of feng shui crystals has the ability to absorb the negative energy that comes from people who will enter your house.

Bring Wealth

There is a general opinion that crystals can also help you be wealthier. Citrine is the stone you want for this. Place it in the back left corner of your home office.

Help With Concentration

Believe it or not, the crystals can help you and your family concentrate. You will need several pieces of hematite.