5 Makeup Wins From Maddie Ziegler

If you haven’t heard of Maddie Ziegler, she is the seventeen-year-old that has danced in packed out stadiums and written a best-selling memoir. If that doesn’t ring a bell, Ziegler is the little girl that dances in Sia’s music videos.

Now, Ziegler has dipped her toes into the world of makeup. She is collaborating with the makeup brand, Morphe to deliver colorful collections for teens.

In honor of the new collection, here is a look back at some of Maddie’s own makeup hits.

Dusty Neutrals

This neutral shade is the palest shade of tangerine. The gentle dusting with a natural, curled lash is the perfect frame for her stunning grey-blue eyes.


Graphic Lines

If you can look passed the wild ear muffs, Maddie has had a stab at the graphic line trend with under-eye liner and two round, circular dots. It’s creative, cartoonish, and pretty darn cool.


Pretty Pinks

This dusty rose shade may be our new favorite shade of pink. Paired with a glowy complexion and a thick natural brow, this look is utter perfection.


Rouge Lips

Natural eye makeup with a rouge lip is a bold move. Few people pull the look off better than Miss Ziegler.



Maddie is a master of the natural yet flawless look. A minor touch-up with a subtle lip gloss is the secret to a rejuvenated natural makeover.