5 Tips For Making Healthier Cocktails

Do you love cocktails, but you’re trying to stay on your diet? The good news is there are healthier ways to enjoy cocktails that cut down on the sugar and calories while increasing the nutrition in the drinks. Here’s how to enjoy cocktails while sticking to your diet.

Choose Mixers Carefully

Pick mixers for your liquors that are loaded with antioxidants or 100 percent fruit juice, instead of using soda. Another alternative is to mix sparkling water with liquors or wine for a drink that’s low in calories and will keep your thirst quenched.


Bloody Mary For Antioxidants

The tomato-based drink is high in antioxidants and the next time you’re meeting the girlfriends for drinks, order a Bloody Mary instead of a mimosa. Try and get one that uses real tomatoes and not corn syrup or artificial colors.

Kombucha For Bubbly Drinks

The gut-friendly drink adds a bubbly touch to your cocktail while boosting your immune system.


Add Real Fruit

In addition to making your cocktail taste fresh, real fruit like blood oranges, lemons, and tart cherries give you your vitamins and can be part of your recommended servings of fruit for the day.


Get Rid of Syrupy Liquids

Sweet liquors taste amazing because they are full of sugar. Just use the real thing and add a shot of espresso if you want a coffee taste and mint leaves if you want a peppermint taste.