5 Holiday Destinations to Perfect Your Tan

Photo by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash

Things are starting to cool down at home but that doesn’t mean your chances of getting your perfect tan are long gone. Here are five of the best locations if you want to catch some golden rays this September.


Want to catch some waves while you’re catching that tan? Temperatures in the LA area will average around the warm 25°c (77°f) this October.


Miami, Florida

Temperatures in Miami will be in the low 30s (mid-80s f) this October so if you want to be a beach babe without the sunburn, fall is the perfect time to go.



Temperatures in Dubai will be as high as 37°c (97°f) degrees next month. If you can handle the heat and are after a bit of post-summer luxury, Dubai could be the perfect holiday destination.



Temperatures in Cuba will average 32°c (89.6°f)degrees. With white sand beaches and extraordinary wildlife, Cuba is a great place to catch some more sun.


If you want to go somewhere a bit more cultural than Florida, temperatures in Morocco will average in the early 30s (mid 80s f) which will be perfect for enjoying the exotic array of entertainment available in the evenings.