Orange Wine is the Trendiest Drink Right Now

Orange wine is the latest beverage trend, which you most certainly know if you’ve been following your Instagram feed. Up until the 1960s, orange wines were produced in Italy, so they’re certainly not news. This type of wine has become increasingly popular in recent months and we’ll tell you why.

Orange wine, also known as amber wine, is not made from oranges, in spite of its name. The name refers to the color of a wine that is orange and saturated, or as some like to call it “sunset amber”. It is made from white wine grapes that are kept together with the skin during the fermentation process. All skin contact wines are made this way, including red wines. What makes this wine special, is that the fermentation process takes longer compared to other types of wine, resulting in a fuller-bodied taste.

When it comes to taste, it has been described as “robust and bold, with honeyed aromas of jackfruit, hazelnut, brazil nut, bruised apple, wood varnish, linseed oil, juniper, sourdough, and dried orange rind.”

It sounds like this sensational beverage is different from other types of wines that we’re used to like white, red od rose wine. It’s definitely worth trying.