4 Ways to Make Your Straight Hair More Fun

If you have straight hair and are getting a little bored of the style and want something more exciting., we’re here for you. There are so many ways to make your hair more fun — from clips and accessories to bangs or different hairstyled. Here are 4 ways to make your straight hair more fun.

Half Up With a Chain

This might not be the easiest hairstyle in the world to master, but it is very effective and once you nail it, you can add all different types of accessories to make it look different.

Buy a hair chain and twist one side of your hair back and pin it straight across your head. Then twist the other side and pin to the other twist. Thread the chain over the twists, wrapping them together.

Straight Hair Pony Tail

If you would like to add some sass to an easy ponytail, flat iron the ends first for a sleep look and part the hair on the side to give it a different look. (Rhinestones optional)


Add Some Bling

Add some stunning hair clips to your straight hair to make it more exciting. There are so many slips on the market to choose from. You can put them on the side or at the back. Play around and have some fun.


Super High and Straight Ponytail

You might get a headache from this style but it is definitely worth it. Make it sleek and tight and make sure to add lots of products to keep it tight. This look is dramatic enough for a night out.