90s Fashion Trends That Are Back and Better Than Ever

Top trends from the ’90s are back and more stylish than ever! Whether you liked wearing knee socks, big headbands or fanny packs, you can now bring the look back and wear it completely differently with more style and more fun.

Here are some of the biggest 90s trends that are returning.

Sheer Dresses

Kate Moss wore the iconic sheer dress in 1993 and now it is taking the fashion industry by storm. If you aren’t brave enough to wear a full sheer dress you can always wear a beautiful sheer top.

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Leather Chokers

If punk wasn’t your thing in the 90s, then maybe it will be now. Get excited by the leather and chain chokers that are everywhere for you to try out.

Claw Clips

Over the past few years, these clips have been used to keep your hair up in the shower or at the gym, but now they are a fashion accessory you can wear with pride. They still keep your hair off your face but in a more fashionable way.



Bandanas are a great accessory to add — as a headband or with a white t-shirt around your neck. They disappeared for a while and now they are back in full force.

Combat Boots

Do you regret throwing out your Dr. Martens from the ’90s? The famous brand is now being worn by everyone. Add some edge with a floral dress or pair them with a pair of jeans for the more updated looks.