4 of the Best White Nail Polishes

There is nothing like beautifully manicured nails. White can look great on everyone and is perfect for both winter and summer. When choosing a white nail polish, you can get confused as to which one to pick as they all look exactly the same. But to those in the know, there are so many varieties in shades—from eggshell to ivory. Here is a list of the top white nail polishes that give your nails a totally different look.

Deborah Lippman – Amazing Grace

This white nail polish will make your nails look so clean and smooth. It has a smooth gel-like finish. Just paint on two coats and you will have perfect nails in no time.

Smith & Cult – Sugarette

If white feels a little too much for you, then try this subtle shiny color from Smith & Cult. This is the perfect way to embrace the white trend but with some shimmer.

Essie – Marshmallow

Essie really knows how to make great whites and pinks and this one is no exception. The color is like a delicious gooey marshmallow and looks great on all nail lengths.

OPI – Funny Bunny

This polish, by OPI, is so versatile, you can wear one thin coat for a sheer look. Add a second coat for a little more coverage or go all the way and add a third coat for an almost opaque finish.