4 Tasty-and-Healthy Snacks Worth Keeping in Your Kitchen

Almonds are a healthy snack
Photo by Nacho Fernández on Unsplash

A common misconception so many of us believe religiously is that healthy can never equal tasty, and the other way around. But more and more in recent years, it is discovered that that’s absolutely false. As it turns out, some foods are both fun to snack on and actually have some impressive nutritional value! Who woulda thought? Here are some you should start putting into your diet.


Chestnuts are truly among the best of nature’s snacks, being rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Roast them, eat them raw or mix them into your salad or pasta sauce – anything goes.

Peanut Butter

Well, is there really a better between-meal snack than a spoon of peanut butter? If you’re not allergic, this one is pure perfection. Just make sure you choose an organic brand, and you have yourself a lovely source of antioxidants, protein, iron, and B-complex vitamins.


Other than being fun to nibble on, almonds actually contain a large amount of valuable nutrients. From protein and fiber to Vitamin E and magnesium, a daily dose of almonds can do you no wrong.


Not only do olives contain a nice amount of vitamin E, iron, and calcium—studies have also shown that they reduce the risk of heart disease and other types of illness. Not too shabby!