4 Grilling Hacks to Try This Summer

4 Grilling Hacks to Try This Summer
Photo by Zac Cain on Unsplash

What’s summer without grilling? It’s time to treat your family to a day in nature with a BBQ feast, but make sure you’re prepared for the trip with our best tips to make grilling easier than ever.

Clean the Grill with Tin Foil

It’s time to toss that old grill brush and replace it with ordinary tin foil. Take some foil and make a ball out of it. Then, secure it with a pair of tongs and use it to clean the dirt off of the cooking surface.

Keep Burgers Moist

You can keep the patties from drying out by placing small ice cubes on raw burgers. Let them cook that way so they retain moisture and stay perfect by the time you serve them.

Use Two Skewers

Using two skewers will give you more control over the meat and veggies as you flip them. Using only one skewer can lead to your food twirling around, but two skewers will ensure even cooking and perfect outcome.

Roast Bell Peppers

You can roast bell peppers directly over the heat. Let each side cook for a few minutes, transfer to a clean dish and let cool down. You’ll soon be able to remove the pepper skin and have a delicious side dish.